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Monday, 4 March 2019
I got this from easydrawingtips

Assalamualaikum and hai everyone! Today Mun betul-betul nak guna function blog ni as my personal blog macam orang lain guna ceritakan about their life. I'm here to talk about my face. Well, zaman sekarang ni ramai orang tengah struggle nak pulihkan muka nak dapatkan clear skin, glowing skin, and so on.

I ofcourse one of them yang tengah struggle untuk pulihkan muka sendiri. This is my collection of photos with my bare face (:

My face started getting worse in 2017.
I really hate my face everytime i look at these photo😞

As you guys can see, my face is getting better or worse ? I want an answer because I myself can decide it sebab bila tengok my face depan-depan, it's getting better. I dont know why bila tangkap gambar nampak macam it's getting worse pulak hm. I wish i can get a clear skin at the end of 2019!

p/s : I will update my skincare routine later. When my face dah fully okay :)

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